created by Sierra North

The creation of each drum begins with a shamanic journey to the Spirit of the Drum.  The journey guides me as to what spirits, guides or energies are connected with each drum and  provides the basis for its unique design and adornment. Upon completion, the drum cleansed with sage and receives a shamanic blessing.
I choose to use Remo Buffalo drums for my work.  All Remo Buffalo drums are manufactured with Remo’s Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads and patented ACOUSTICON™ drum shells. These drum shells produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. You can play Remo’s Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will keep their pitch sounding great. 

While the following drums were created specifically for children, there is no reason why an adult with a playful spirit wouldn't find them wonderfully fun drums to work

Please Note: Pricing varies with the details of the drum.

General Price Guide:

10" Remo Buffalo drum completed and incl ceremony: $175-$200

16" Remo Buffalo drum completed and incl ceremony: $275-$300

20" Remo Buffalo drum completed and incl ceremony: $375-$425


The Journey to the Spirit of the Drum

In the journey to the spirit of the drum I am taken to a dark jungle. Out of the shadows emerges a magnificent Tiger.  His coloring is brilliant and vibrant. The oranges seem almost alive like the embers of a long burning fire. He stands absolutely still and watches me. His stillness is more than a physical motionless lack of action,  but more a deep quiet and peace within his soul. He says the fire and stillness reside within him and maintain a perfect balance, as it does with the boy who drums his drum. As I gaze into his eyes I see the reflection of  Dragons.  He says the Tiger is a living symbol of primordial nature yet his eyes can see the coming reign of the Dragons and the future as yet unmanifest to the human eye. This future can be glimpsed through the Eye of the Tiger for he chooses to see Heaven here now upon the Earth. The Dragons are the guardians and bringers of this new age upon us and the Tiger is instrumental in the anchoring of Heaven on Earth. He is a believer for he cannot be otherwise, for to deny the truth he already sees is impossible. He is more than a dreamer, he is a creator. As the boy drums his drum, he too will see through the Eye of the Tiger and see the new golden age of peace and carry the wisdom of the Dragon, the guardians of the Light. Then the Tiger melts back into the jungle.

This drum is a pre-tuned 10" Remo Buffalo drum.  This drum was created using India Ink and Acrylic paints.



The Journey to the Spirit of the Drum

In the journey to the spirit of the Drum I am taken to the sacred caves deep within the region of Lascaux.  The walls are painted with a vibrance and intensity of colors that evoke honor, reverence, and gratitude to Mother Gaia for her blessed bounty, protection, and guidance.  

I hear drums beating loudly near the mouth of the great cave.  The elders are drumming and chanting around a small group of children.  The children are all standing so very still and solemnly awaiting their turn before the elders.  They know that this is a sacred ceremony and they must watch and listen and learn.  It is a sacred ceremony of naming.  Its purpose is to name you as an individual energy that is a part of the great oneness of being that is Mother Gaia. As I watch I see it is now your turn, Tobin John, in front of the elders. As a part of the ceremony your guiding spirit is revealed to be a Wolf.  A Wolf with a coat blacker than the coal within the earth, blacker the night sky, and blacker than a Raven’s wing.  Wolf is declared to be your mighty protector, your constant companion, and your liaison to the world of spirit.  The spirit of the Wolf cones in and places his large paws on your chest.  He has accepted you and acknowledged that you are his chosen physical counterpart.  He is now bound to you and is your guiding light as you follow the journey of your life.  Wolf will be your constant shadow and will follow you and protect you everywhere you travel and stay with you in your dreams, and go along with you as you pass through all the spiritual realms and dimensions.  He shares his energy and strength and wisdom with you and you share your love and gratitude with the Wolf. 

You then place your hands into the sacred clay and you make your marks upon the vast wall of the cave.  You make your mark with open handprints to pledge your promise to always love and honor Mother Gaia, and that you will offer her all that you have as you realizes that all that you have has been directly provided by Mother Gaia herself.  You remember that you are one with all of creation, and that creation loves and recognizes you for the being that you are.  As your hands are on the cave wall you can feel the vibration of Mother Gaia, the vibration of the One and you recognize that vibration within yourself.

This drum is a pre-tuned 10" Remo Buffalo drum.  This drum was created using Acrylic paints. I created this drum as a gift for my son. This is his first drum. The handprint are his own handprints.



The Journey to the Spirit of the Drum

In the journey to the Spirit of the Drum I was taken to a quiet pond at the center of a serene meadow.  There were dozens of Butterflies and Dragonflies dancing around the water.  Small bubbles arose from the center of the pond and wandered up through the air.  As I looked closer at the bubbles I was surprised to find a tiny fairy inside each one!  The Fairies said that they come from neither Air or Water, nor Fire or Earth.  Yet they have special affinity for every element on Earth.  Some are aligned with a particular element; others are aligned with a particular aspect of an element.  For instance, one Fairy may be aligned with Water, yet others may be aligned with waterfalls, still pools, or even the rain.  They said that they are everywhere but they often choose not to be seen.  They did say that if you pay attention to where there are butterflies and Dragonflies, you just may get to see a Fairy!

This drum is a pre-tuned 10" Remo Buffalo drum. This drum is created with a combination of India Ink and Acrylic paints.
This drum, similar to the other Fairy drums, has a very light sound when played. You can hear the melodic sound of the bells from the beater as you play. 



The Journey to the Spirit of the Drum
You are surrounded by a circle of animals to protect you, fill you with Love, and help you as you grow.
To the North of you (above you) is the Reindeer.
Reindeer will carry you high up in the sky (like Santa) and take you to talk to your spirit guides, the ancestors, the angels, and God.  The Reindeer teaches gentleness and compassion towards all living things.  The Reindeer is your gateway to communicate with the Fairie. 
To the South of you (below you) is the Wolf.
Wolf is your protector.  Wolf helps you in your communication with others.  The white wolf offers purity  of instincts, insight and intentions.  
To the East of you (leftside) is the Albatross.
The Albatross gives you strength and endurance.  They fly in the air almost constantly throughout their life, rarely landing upon the Earth.  They never get lost and always know the right direction to fly in.
To the West of you (rightside) is the Bear.
The Bear brings you courage, determination, and strong will.  Bear will help you to recognize all opportunities that come your way and the best approach to make the most of them.  She will help to develop your intuition and introspection as you grow.  She will come to you (and can help you) in your dreams.  She reminds you that you need an equal amount of rest and work and play to be the healthiest you can be.  
To the Center of you (within) is the Horse.
The Horse is always with you.  They represent freedom of spirit.  They are sensitive to the world around them.  They are always on the alert for possible danger and are thought of as high-spirited.  They have all the gifts they need to survive and the instincts to know when is the best time to fight or flee from challenges or fears.  They are grounding and connect you firmly to the Earth yet, they can run so fast that you feel as if you are flying through the Sky as you ride their backs!  They bring you not only power and strength, but balance and understanding of the benefits of sharing or working together with another for a common goal.

This drum is a pre-tuned 10" Remo Buffalo drum. This drum is created with Acrylic paints.
Children naturally gravitate towards the childlike drawings on this drum and it would be a perfect starter drum. 
This drum was done for my nephew.  Any replicas would be the power animals associated with the child the drum is intended for.