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Awaken the Goddess Retreat

Three day women's retreat

Fri Feb 15th to Sun Feb 17th

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Awaken the Goddess inside of YOU!

Give yourself the SELF-LOVE this Valentine's weekend! Rediscover your own inner beauty and power as you meditate and transcend into the higher realms of consciousness. Release limitations, lack of trust in your own wisdom, poor self-image, and self-criticism that prevents you from living your life as the radiant powerful goddess you truly are inside. Connect with the ancient Goddess's of various traditions and experience their guidance and teachings of empowerment and beauty.

A day trip to Spa Castle in College Point, NYC will offer detoxification and purification of the body, mind, and energy field and all the pampering your soul needs. It is the Disneyland of spas, a three story enormous building with dozens of assorted pools, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, meditation rooms, a full restaurant and bar. Massage, reflexology, facials, hydrotherapy and more are available to choose from add to the detoxification and pampering experience. Sacred mantras will be used to enhance the spiritual healing and mini healings will be available throughout the day by Sierra and your group leaders.

The retreat will include shamanic healing, meditation, in-utero/pre-birth healing, mantra, and chakra balancing, and more. The retreat will conclude Sunday with a special goddess themed sound healing.

$300. Must pre-pay by Feb 1st to reserve your space. $60 in non-refundable deposit. Fee Includes tuition, basic admission to spa castle, transportation to and from Spa Castle. Any additional services and food are your responsibility.


“A few years ago when Sierra ran her goddess retreat I was new to my spiritual journey and took a chance signing up not knowing the powerful profound experience that was about to unfold. I was in the midst of a complete transformation and my life felt turned upside down. My experience that weekend is hard to put into words as what transpired was an extraordinary feeling inside me, a shift that I felt in every fiber of my being, a change in perspective. Exposing myself and being vulnerable was not easy, it takes courage and I didn’t have much then. With the love & support of Sierra and her team I was able to do that and understand myself in a more holistic way. I have been on a magical adventure since the goddess retreat. I truly believe in my heart that weekend allowed me to recover more of my authentic self, opening me up to a whole new world. I had never experienced Reiki before and on that first night during an emotional moment, Sierra placed one hand on my back, the other on my knee, and I instantly felt a warm energy surge through me. After a few minutes I took a deep breath and felt a sense of calm and peace come over me. At that point my desire to know and use Reiki began. When I look back on my goddess retreat experience, I overflow with gratitude as it was a beautiful turning point in my life. No matter where you’re at in life consider giving yourself the time and love to embrace this magical retreat.” Namaste, Jagatambe Ma

Photos of just some of the amazingness you will find at Spa Castle:



Fri 6pm-9pm:  In Session at Muktinath (please be in your spot ready to go promptly at 6pm): Shamanic Journey, Connection with Goddess, In-Utero/pre-birth healing, group work, Q &A for Spa Castle. Tea and coffee and light snacks available. I suggest you eat a light dinner before session.


Sat 8:30am:  Meet at Muktinath:  Please park in the back of the lot to give room for the other businesses Tea and coffee and light snacks available.

Sat 9am: Depart from Muktinath for Spa Castle.

Sat approx 10am: Arrive at Spa Castle:  FUN! Healings and overall happiness!

Sat 6:45pm: Meet in women's locker room completely ready to leave.

Sat 7pm: Depart Spa Castle.

Sat approx 8pm: Arrive at Muktinath and close for evening.


Sun 9:15am:  (PROMPTLY please) Meet at Muktinath.

Sun 9:30am-approx 12pm: In Session at Muktinath: Pranayama, Meditation, group work. Tea and coffee and light snacks available.

Sun approx 12pm- 1pm: Lunch. Either bring your own or visit one of the many local options, i.e. Panara, Subway, Italian, Indian, Chinese.

Approx 1pm-3:30pm: In Session at Muktinath: Shamanic Journey, group work.

Sun 3:30pm: Sound Healing

Sun 6pm: Closing Retreat.


You will want to bring:

  • Notebook/journal and pen

  • Any items you will want to place on the alter for the weekend to charge with Goddess energy

  • Bandana or scarf to cover eyes for journeys (optional)

  • Blanket/Pillow (optional-some are available here)

  • Yoga Mat for Friday (optional)

  • Refillable water bottle

You will want to bring additional items for Spa Castle:

  • one large towel for locker room

  • one large towel for spa (if desired)- the ones provided are small

  • your swimsuit

  • toiletries for shower (LEAVE PERFUME AND SCENTED PRODUCTS HOME please)

If you choose to sleep over at the center fri or sat evening:

You may will want to bring blankets, pillows, etc. Anything to be more comfortable. This is floor sleeping.

Bring anything you need for overnight. Be aware that there is NO SHOWER so you will want to shower at Spa Castle on Saturday.


Spa Castle

131-10 11 Avenue, College Point, NY 11356

(718) 939-6300

· In case of any emergency Muktinath Holistic Center phone line will be forwarding to Sierra's cell phone. While cell phones cannot be carried in the spa, that phone will be checked regularly for any important messages. 203-518-580