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60 min Advanced Crystal Dreaming $125

90 min Advanced Crystal Dreaming $175


  Sierra North

Crystal Dreaming Teacher/Advanced Practitioner 

Lori Steeves

Crystal Dreaming Advanced Practitioner


Advanced Crystal Dreaming

Advanced Crystal Dreaming is a specialized crystal healing technique which uses the power of crystals for profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. A crystal sphere is used to connect us with the crystal dreaming mandala formation. This technique opens your superconscious mind and facilitates a deep meditative state where you can perceive past life experiences and journey through all the dimensions.  Your own body will "speak" to you and help you to unlock and completely release the origins of fear, pain, and trauma held in your own cellular memory.  

Advanced Crystal dreaming allows the practitioner to navigate and support you deeper in the crystal dreaming process. It allows for the release and understanding of any challenge, blockage, relationship, work or home issue. The driving forces behind these challenges can be thoroughly explored and experience complete healing.

What can you experience through Advanced Crystal Dreaming?

  • Profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing

  • Pathway to the Akashic Records

  • Release of present or past life trauma

  • Release of phobias and fears

  • Release and understanding of re-occurring dreams

  • Release of blockages, stagnancy, including negative energies and entities

  • Understanding the root cause of disease or imbalance and receive guidance on how to achieve complete healing